Learn from the professionals: Directly and without detours!

Basketball rules are the same all over the world. We all play the same sport and are passionate about it. We all come from different countries and organizations, where politics too often dominate headlines. NEVER STOP LEARNING is neutral in that sense, seeking to offer help indiscriminately to everyone wishing to develop in this sport. Our aim is not to replace any organization. Nor is to any one individual. We exist to offer our help to those who wish to expand their basketball skillset deepen their knowledge of the game.

Sharing knowledge is the key to improving yourself!

We want to share knowledge for each level and league and in each country and continent. We can all learn from others. NEVER STOP LEARNING means that coaches, players and referees collaborate more often. Even extending outside of basic basketball, we offer NSL webinars with sports professionals that will provide you with the tools to move forward. Ranging from the handball professional teaching how to act in difficult situations, to mental coaches and sports psychologists sharing with you cutting-edge knowledge from cognitive science: everything is on the table to enable you to improve your performance in the sport.

NSL intends to serve as the hub where you can find the materials your sport-passionate heart desires to know more about, and which will support your own development.

The educational webinars enable you to expand your know-how in your sports in a step-by-step fashion and to advance your career commensurately. World-class and experienced speakers are at your disposal. Our webinars are in English (twice a month, at least) and in French (once a month, at least). They can be watched to anytime for our yearly subscribers thanks to our replay function.

Every month, we will roll out a podcast with interesting people of the basketball scene. Find out what goes on behind the scene in professional sports: referees, coaches, players, managers, sports professionals, and many others from the sewing box: Great moments, ‘crazy’ situations and breath-taking memories. With fun and interesting conversations, you will get to know the often hidden side of the sports participants.

The mission of the “LEARNING IS GROWING” is to show you how investment in education, your individual preparation, personal growth, and development can help you become a better referee, player, or coach. As individual preparation differs individually based on the character, experience, knowledge, age, level of performance and many other variables, the topics that will be presented in this column should be transposed into your ambitions in a way that suits you the most.

The history of basketball: Facts from the past of basketball to allow you to better understand your sport and all the participants involved in it.

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